What To Expect

Services at Trissels are relaxed and friendly. There is no dress code. On any given Sunday, you'll see clothing that ranges from casual (jeans and t-shirts) to dressy (jackets and ties, skirts or dresses). Wear what makes you comfortable.

Our gathering time on Sunday mornings begins at 9:30 with Sunday School for all ages, followed by worship at 10:30. 

Nursery care is available during services.

As far as Covid, we are almost back to normal, though some still wear masks. We are thankful for God's care and for vaccinations and a professionally-installed UV light in our HVAC system to sanitize the air.

During 2020 and 2021 we enjoyed worshiping outside under the oaks on our lot. Occasionally on a warm Sunday morning we might still enjoy doing it.

Our worship style might best be characterized as "blended"—lots of hymns from the hymnals, acapella or with piano accompaniment, and also contemporary songs accompanied by a variety of instruments. The proportion of hymns to other songs varies from Sunday to Sunday. 

A unique musical feature at Trissels is a Hand Chime Choir, with special performances throughout the year; here's a small ensemble that played March 2022.

Our parking lot is fairly unique: we're working around the oak trees, so there are no parking spaces marked. Just go with the flow and park someplace that makes sense.