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Chapter titles and sections:

1. Migration and Settlement, 1727-1830

   Henry and Elizabeth Rhodes

   Settlers Come to Virginia, Rockingham, and Cedar Run

   Daniel and Margaret Showalter

   Jacob and Anna Geil

   Funks and Brunks

   Start of Trissels Cemetery

   Building a Log Meetinghouse

   Uncertainties about the Cedar Run Community

2. Transition to English, 1831-1860

   First Trissels Church Meetinghouse

   Women in the Early Nineteenth Century

   Changes in Rockingham County

   Documents from 1830-1861

3. Civil War, 1861-1865

   Forces that Brought Civil War

   The Sweeping Tides of War

   A Time to Fear

4. Reconstruction and Rebuilding, 1865-1876


   Church Life

   Families and Westward Movement

   The Brunk Homestead

5. Spread of the Gospel, 1877-1900

   Call to Mission midst Ordinary Life

   Regular Patterns of Life

   Signs of Change

   Need For a New Church Building

6. Foundations of a New Era, 1901-1915

   New Ministers

   George B. Showalter

   Lewis and Mattie Shank

   1900 Wood Frame Building

   H. D. H. and Flora Grove Showalter

7. Faith and Progressive Challenges, 1916-1930

   A Time of Great Changes

   Church Life and Ministers

   People and Faith

8. Great Depression and World War II, 1931-1945

   Benjamin and Ida Moyers

   Rural Mission Possibilities

   Great Depression

   Women at Trissels, 1931-1945

   H. D. H. Showalter: Churchman and Entrepreneur


   World War II and Civilian Public Service

   Mission Churches of the Northern District

9. Gospel Growth, 1946-1960

   Three Decisions for Trissels in the 1940s

   Building and Dedicating the 1950 Brick Meetinghouse

   Women's Ministries at Trissels in the 1950s

   Pastors at Trissels in the 1950s

10. Building a Strong Congregation, 1961-1975

   An Era of Good Feelings, 1961-63

   David Augsburger, The Mennonite Voice

   The Mennonite Hour

   Speakers and Revivals

   Educational Wing

   Life Together at Trissels in the 1960s

   H. Michael Shenk II, 1971-75


11. Renewal and Division, 1976-1990

   Conference and Denomination, 1975-1979

   Congregational Life, 1975-1978

   Similar Names and How they are Used in this Book

   George M. Mason (1889-1979)

   Norvell Trumbo Jr. (1923-2009)

   Congregational Life, 1978-1981

   Congregational Growth, 1981-1983

   Mary Moyers, 1913-2008

   Growth and Division, 1984-1986

   Trissels Membership and Attendance, 1973-1990

   Restoration and Recovery, 1986-1990

12. Families and Faith, 1991-2008

   Faith and Service

   Pastor Philip Kanagy, 1997-2008

   Trissels Membership and Attendance, 1993-2008

   Funerals at Trissels

13. Streams of Mercy, 2009-2022

   The Gift of Music

   Caring Community

   Ministry Beyond

   Faith in God

   Burials in Trissels Church Cemetery, 2009-2021

14. Appendix

   Bishops & Ministers at Trissels Mennonite Church

   Women of Trissels


   Trissels Roster in 2022

   Works Cited


   The Author

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