Trissels Mennonite Church was founded in 1822 in northwestern Rockingham County of Virginia. Historians tell us that this is the first (and oldest) congregation in Virginia Mennonite Conference. The church took its name from a small cemetery on a hill above the Cedar Run containing the remains of early families -- including folks with the last name "Trissel." The first building, a log structure measuring 20 ft. by 25 ft., was built beside the cemetery and became known as "Trissels Mennonite Church."

Today we are at the same location, in a glorious oak grove, a rural church wanting to move toward Jesus together"If these trees could talk" is a short history by Eunice Geil Showalter.

Read an Oct 8, 2022 profile on Trissels in the local newspaper.

A history of Trissels was published in 2022. Get a copy

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