Our Core Values

We value corporate worship – Gathering to celebrate God’s faithfulness through word, song, and prayer

We value discipleship – Teaching and training ourselves and our children to love Jesus, accepting his saving grace and forgiveness, and challenging each other to walk more closely with him

We value the Holy Spirit – Seeking the Spirit’s direction and presence in our lives and congregation

We value Scripture – Acknowledging the Holy Bible as truth and our most trusted guide; it is best understood and applied through prayer and congregational discernment

We value generosity – Giving our time, talents, and money to the local and global work of the church

We value people – Showing hospitality and reaching out to those in our communities in order to share the love of Christ

We value our church community – Encouraging and supporting one another through the sharing of ourselves to meet each other’s needs

We value our heritage – Drawing from the Anabaptist understanding of faith* and what we have experienced and learned both individually and collectively

* expressed in Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective (1995)   

adopted June 14, 2017