Trissels Mennonite Church – Facilities Use Guidelines

October 2014


1. No charge for use of the church sanctuary for funeral services


2. There will not be an additional charge for use of classrooms as dressing rooms for a wedding provided everything is cleaned and returned to its previous state.


3. All fees are to be paid in the following format:

  • Security Deposit (refundable) – $150 to hold date
  • Down-payment (refundable less administrative fee) – 50% of estimated costs due 6 months prior to event or if immediately if booking and event is occurring within that time.
  • Final payment – Remaining balance due 30 days prior to event.
  • Failure to comply with payment schedule will be considered grounds for cancellation of the agreement and return of all refundable prior payments.  We will make an attempt to contact the responsible party before refunding prior payments.

4. Fee schedule:


Administrative Fee

$50 (non-refundable)



Fellowship Hall/Kitchen


Grounds (includes bathrooms)


**Church Representative

$50/first 3 hrs; $15/hr thereafter for the duration

**Audio/Visual Technician

$50/first 3 hrs; $15/hr thereafter for the duration

Security Deposit

$150 (refundable)


    **Payment for these services is to be made payable to the appropriate responsible persons.


Appropriate Christian conduct is expected whenever a group uses the church premises.

No disrespectful behavior.

The use of tobacco and/or alcohol is not permitted.

No dancing.

The facilities shall be returned to the same condition as they were upon the group's arrival.

The kitchen floor is to be wet mopped and the fellowship hall floor is to be dry mopped.  If necessary, the fellowship hall floor is to be wet mopped as well.
Tables, chairs and furniture are to be returned to their original location/arrangement.

Each party will provide their own plates, cups, and napkins.

All trash is to be removed from the premises by the group renting the facility.

No food or beverages are permitted in any part of the building except the kitchen and the fellowship hall.

No pets are allowed.

Any use of candles must be in accordance with local fire codes.

Church property is not to be removed from the premises.

All Trissels owned audio/visual equipment will be run and managed by church-approved personnel only.

Each group will be responsible to report and pay for any damages to church property.

All activities and clean-up shall be concluded by 10:00 pm.